How we scored Business Class seats for $11.80!

Much has been written about how to play the credit card game also known as ‘churning’. Churning is a process whereby you sign up for specific credit cards in order to obtain the sign-up bonus by meeting the bonus requirements. In this post I will give you a high level overview of how we went about it and ultimately got two one way business class tickets on United Airlines to kick off our travel journey in style.

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Who Knew?

I really want you to get to know me, Debbie.

So what you need to know first and foremost is that I love to travel.
Growing up we never took a family vacation. We never went anywhere actually. I grew up in Los Angeles California and a “vacation” for us was to load up the station wagon and make the drive down to Salton Sea to visit my grandparents little getaway they had down there for the weekend. And this wasn’t very often. I remember how excited I would be knowing we were going “somewhere”! I was thrilled to stay in my grandparents great little 1950’s silver camp trailer and help my grandmother sell hot dogs and snow cones from her little portable food stand while my grandfather fished all day for corvina from the pier. I can remember at night sitting outside and looking up at the stars and pointing out the Milky Way and both “Dipper’s”.

When we had the opportunity to move to Nevada in the early 1970’s, I had my mother packed and renting a U-Haul “To go where no Smith had gone before”. Out of the State of California! Now this was only to the neighboring State of Nevada in a little town called, Tonopah, but at the age of 14, I thought, what a great adventure!

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Why Travel Internationally?

“There is plenty to see in North America.”


Countless are the times that we have heard these quotes and while we don’t disagree that there is near unparalleled natural beauty in North America it is the culture that offers the seasoning for the meal that is travel. The cultural diversity in other parts of the world is what really makes it worthwhile for us.

Culture can show up in various ways, either through local customs, food, music and language. Here are some examples that I am intimately familiar with having grown up in Belgium:

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